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Why Hire A Tax Attorney

In selecting the tax professional to assist you in resolving your tax issues, you have several choices in the kind of professional you use (enrolled agent, accountant, C.P.A.). We believe strongly that in most cases you are better served by hiring an attorney and particularly so if the fee for the tax attorney is no more (or even less than) the fees charged by other professionals.

To assist in making the choice, we list the reasons an attorney may be the better choice. Whatever choice you make, we hope your issues are successfully resolved.

  • Tax attorneys are trained negotiators that present your case to the tax authorities in the most advantageous manner possible. The strategic manner in which your case is presented to the tax authorities may be crucial to successful resolution.
  • Taxes are based on laws and non-attorneys are not trained to research and interpret tax law.
  • A C.P.A. or tax preparer cannot provide legal advice or opinions
  • It is only with a tax attorney that you have the "attorney client" privilege . This privilege protects any communication between you and the attorney rendering it confidential. Unlike other professionals, only attorneys cannot be forced to disclose confidential information to the IRS. This can become crucial in any criminal investigation or trial.
  • Tax attorneys in general have more training, education, technical skill than other tax professionals.
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