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We want our current and potential clients to be aware of false advertising for tax professionals (they often call themselves "Tax Resolution" or "Tax Settlement" companies). There are many companies who advertise themselves as tax professionals (they claim to be former IRS agents), but who are essentially smart "marketing" companies that do little more than sell themselves and take your fees. Dealing with one of these unscrupulous companies results in you being out of the fees you pay them in addition to owing the IRS for tax balances plus accruing interest.

The IRS can make your life miserable and there are many reputable tax professionals who can help you resolve your tax issues. You should choose with care the tax professional who will have access to all your sensitive data and management of your financial future.. Here are some guidelines you may find helpful in selecting a professional to represent you:

  • Be very skeptical if the company claims they having attorneys (or other professionals) on staff and you do not or cannot speak with an attorney (or tax professional) when you call.
  • A guarantee to reduce your tax debt. There are legitimate IRS programs for reducing tax. However, the IRS only accepts a small fraction of offers to reduce the debt and you must demonstrate you qualify under strict IRS rules. An ethical professional will determine your qualification before taking any fee to assist you.
  • You are charged large upfront gees and/or encounter high-pressure sales tactics.

Some of the companies which have been the subject of lawsuits by state or federal regulators are:

  • Tax Masters
  • American Tax Relief
  • Law Office of Ronnie Deuthch
  • J,K. Harris

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