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Tax Preparation

We specialize in income tax return preparation.  We do not prepare returns as a sideline practice.


You want your returns prepared accurately, on-time, and free of errors that might lead to a tax audit.


Have your returns prepared professionally.

Services we offer to businesses, self-employed and individuals:

  • Accurately prepared returns reviewed by attorney.
  • We pay any penalty caused by our error.
  • We take advantage of every available tax deduction and tax benefit.
  • We provide solutions to taking deductions when you have few or no records of expenses.
  • We reduce the risk of return being audited by eliminating errors and entries that may trigger an audit.
  • We provide our clients a tax organizer to assist in reporting income and identifying deductible expenses.
  • We have experience preparing:
    • Individual tax returns- Form 1040
    • LLC tax returns (Schedule "C")
    • S corporation tax returns -Form 1120S
    • Corporation tax returns Form 1120
    • Partnership tax returns-Form 1065
    • Trust tax returns- Form 1041
    • Estate tax returns- Form 706
    • Non-profit tax returns - Form 990
    • All state tax returns.
    • Amended tax returns

Benefits of Attorney Prepared Return

If your return is disputed or challenged by the IRS, you could benefit from being represented by a tax attorney who has prepared the return. The attorney can explain the positions taken on the return, why such positions were taken, and is often able to present persuasive arguments that can prevent assessment of interest or penalties.

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