Professional Services

Pre-indictment and Criminal Trials

Our experience and understanding of tax law has enabled us to successfully represent taxpayers who believe they are subject of a criminal investigation (pre-indictment stage). Experienced representation at this stage can prevent the filing of criminal charges.

We also represent clients in criminal trials when an investigation leads to a trial. The penalties for being convicted of tax crimes can include significant jail time, substantial fines, assessment of tax owed and substantial civil penalty and interest assessments. The most common types of tax crimes prosecuted include willfully failing to file income tax returns, filing an income tax return that contains a false item or items, willfully underreporting income, and tax evasion.


Services Provided - Pre-Indictment Stage

Once retained we offer the following services:

  • Contact either the special agent heading the investigation or the US Attorney assigned to the case. This is critical to determine the nature of investigation, potential charges, and what evidence has been gathered.
  • Present evidence that would exculpate the taxpayer or mitigate gravity of offenses committed.
  • If charges are to be filed, negotiate and cooperate to minimize charges.

Services Provided Criminal Trials

Most cases are resolved through the plea agreement. As such we provide the following services:

  • Prepare trial briefs to set the foundation for negotiating the best possible plea agreement within the federal sentencing guidelines. The sentencing guidelines are complicated and an attorney experienced with tax and criminal law is best suited to negotiate the most favorable plea agreement.
  • Represent client in grand jury process if no plea agreement is reached.
  • Represent client at trial and sentencing. The criminal trial process is extremely complex and requires an intimate understanding of tax law and defenses to criminal tax violations.

Attorney Client Privilege

Everything you tell us is privileged and confidential whether or not  we represent you. So call now for a free consultation.

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