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Past Due Tax Returns

We specialize in preparing tax returns, particular delinquent tax returns as they require a different level of care and accuracy. We do not prepare returns as a sideline, but as a major part of the service we offer clients.

Issues for Clients:

  • Submitting past due returns may result in prosecution or criminal penalties.
  • Not able to pay past due taxes once returns are filed.
  • Do not have the records for expenses or income earned.

Services we offer to businesses, self-employed and individuals:

  • In almost all cases we can prepare the returns and work with the IRS to ensure no criminal prosecution or criminal penalties will apply if returns are submitted under the IRS's voluntary compliance program.
  • Help reconstruct your income or substantiate expenses if receipts are lost or missing. We have helped many clients deduct expenses even when receipts or other records are not available.
  • Develop the best settlement arrangement for the Client to handle past due tax liability.
  • Minimize chances the returns will be audited as delinquent returns are often examined more closely.
  • Ensure that any information you provide or discussion you have with us are protected under the attorney-client privilege.
  • Communicating with the IRS (or state tax agency) so you never have to meet with them.
  • We have experience preparing:
    • Individual tax returns- Form 1040
    • LLC tax returns (Schedule "C")
    • S corporation tax returns -Form 1120S
    • Corporation tax returns Form 1120
    • Partnership tax returns-Form 1065
    • Trust tax returns- Form 1041
    • Estate tax returns- Form 706
    • Non-profit tax returns - Form 990
    • All state tax returns
    • Amended tax returns.

As a general rule, the IRS expects the last six years tax returns to be filed. Let us help you get a "fresh" start.

Call us now to prepare your past-due returns.

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