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Levy-Wage Garnishment

What is a Levy

A wage levy is a written notice sent by the IRS (or state tax agency) to the taxpayer's employer requiring the taxpayer's employer to withhold a significant portion (in some cases all wages can be taken except for the taxpayer's weekly standard deduction and personal exemption). The levy continues until the tax balance is paid, or until the tax balance is settled, or until the issue is otherwise resolved.

CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY if you have received a "Notice of Intent to Levy" as we can prevent the levy or a "Notice of Levy" as we can negotiate a release of the levy. We have obtained levy releases for 99% of all Clients seeking releases. Let us communicate with the IRS so you do not have to.

Services we offer to self-employed and employees:

  • Prevent levy if levy has not been imposed.
  • Have a total or partial levy release if wage garnishment is already in place. This may require one of more of the follow:
    • Preparing and filing past due tax returns
    • Negotiating a temporary installment payment agreement.
    • Contesting the validity of the levy due to improper IRS procedure.
    • Demonstrate hardship to the IRS (this is rarely granted by the IRS and is extremely difficult to do without knowledge of tax law and policy).
  • Delay the levy by filing a request for Collection Due Process Hearing to give time to work out a final solution.
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