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S. Harold Hart, Jr.

  • Princeton University (AB)
  • Northwestern University School of Law (JD)
  • Northwestern University Kellogg Graduate School of Management (MBA)

Legal Experience (20 years experience)

  • Wall Street Law Firm
  • McKinsey & Co.
  • Time-Warner, Inc.
  • Intel Corporation


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Success Stories

  • Ben; Orlando, FL

    My records were destroyed in the hurricanes and thus I did not file for six years. I had fear of being prosecuted for failure to file returns for so many years. I want to thank you for assuring me that I would not be prosecuted for being able to reconstruct my records so that I could confidently file my returns. The returns you prepared were accepted by the IRS and I am back in compliance.

  • Lisa: Orlando FL.

    I want to thank you for giving me a new lease on life. I never thought I would never get free of my tax debt. I had owed the debt for 4 years and had my bank account funds levied. You took over all my tax issues and prepared my late returns, prepared an offer in compromise, and negotiated a much reduced tax. I also appreciated that you did this at a reasonable cost to me compared what other tax professionals were charging me.

  • John: Brooklyn, New York

    I want to express my appreciation for handling both my individual and business tax liabilities. I was considering filing for bankruptcy, but you were able to work out an arrangement that allowed me to continue in business as well as freeing me from the overwhelming individual tax debt I had. You services were well worth the price you charge.

  • David and Sarah: Tampa, FL

    We wanted to express out thanks for your promptness in having our wage levy released. The IRS was taking over 70% of our wages, and you responded immediately to our urgent request to have the levy removed. It restored our faith in lawyers.

  • Kenith: Miami, FL

    I am grateful for your service in advising me on my self-directed IRA. I wanted to invest in a franchise with my IRA, but was told by my accountant and personal attorney that I could not or should not do this. You showed me how this was possible and directed my activities so that I did not endanger my IRA. You were also extremely helpful in reviewing my contracts and negotiating various aspects of my franchise acquisition.

  • Steven: Westchester, New York

    Thank you for your aggressive representation regarding my IRS tax audit. As you recall I was being audited for 3 years and the IRS was attempting to disallow over $600,000 in expenses. You helped gather all my tax records and organized them in a way that smartly explained the deductions and provided a legal explanation for the expenses. The IRS seemed reluctant to allow the expenses, but at the end of the process, I only owed $10,000 in additional tax. I was wise not to attempt to handle this on my own. Thank you again.

  • Arthur: Winter Park, FL

    I had a crippling state sales tax audit and had no idea how to handle it as I had failed to report some of my sales tax and did not keep accurate records. The state had threatened to shut down my business and had threatened to pursue criminal charges. Thank you for getting the charges dropped, and allowing me to repay the back taxes and keep me in business.

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